Bras. Political Sci. Rev.2018;12(3):e0010.

From National Dissension to International Negative Cycles

Cristiana Dobre

DOI: 10.1590/1981-3821201800030010

“Cooperation and Protracted Conflict in International Affairs” is a persuasive analysis of the application of the concept of reciprocity to the study of international relations. The interdisciplinarity of this book represents an added value to the literature on conflict resolution. The author, Anat Niv-Solomon, is an Associate Professor in political science at the College of Staten Island, New York, USA. She obtained her PhD degree from the University of Connecticut, completing a dissertation that she reworked to write this book. Solomon built a theoretical framework in her dissertation which she then applied in her first published book. Surprisingly, however, she does not mention or cite her dissertation in it. This is even more curious as both — dissertation and book — have the same title, but not the same content.

Her focus on decision making in foreign policy and on international negotiations led her to the study of resolution approaches in conflictual situations in international regimes. Solomon’s publications from 2009 to the present mirror her interest in this field. Her involvement with the International Studies Association and with the Model Diplomacy Group from the Council on Foreign Relations of the United States demonstrates a real concern with mechanisms of negotiation among decision makers.


From National Dissension to International Negative Cycles