The Brazilian Political Science Review welcomes submissions of articles, ongoing research notes and review essays from political scientists and researchers from related disciplines. The scope of the journal is broad as it accepts submissions representing the entire range of political science research – theoretical or empirical, cross-national or focused on a single-country, quantitative or qualitative. All articles are subject to a blind peer review process.

The BPSR adopts an interval of 2 years for publishing two original works of the same author in the same category – articles, research notes and review essays. This rule does not apply to book reviews.

Each publication type is considered separately. This means for instance that publishing an original article does not affect the possibility of its author to publish a research note or a review essay within a two-years’ time.

This rule is applicable to all authors of an original work, be them either the main author or the co-authors.


We ask contributors to read and follow the guidelines detailed below. The editors reserve the right to return manuscripts that are not prepared in accordance with these guidelines. There are no charges to the authors to submit or to publish their manuscripts.

All articles are subject to a blind peer review process. Research notes and book reviews will be evaluated by the Editorial Board.

Authors submitting empirical papers should provide, when and if the manuscript is approved, the database used in the analysis, the code dictionary describing the variables, and the code for replication or the series of steps of the analysis. The database must be in an easily accessible format for conventional statistical software – such as R, Stata, SPSS and Excel. The code dictionary should indicate the name of the variable, its description and the source of the data. Where appropriate, the code for replication of the analyzes should be extensively commented on. When the article does not use statistical software that allows the creation of a replication code, the author should describe the procedures, step by step, for replication to be possible.

The author is encouraged, although not obliged, to send a text file with supplementary information that facilitates the understanding of research design, statistical methods or empirical findings. This file may also contain details about the analysis and additional tests that were left out of the main text.


Manuscripts must be written in English, except for Brazilian authors, who may submit originals in Portuguese.

To submit your manuscript please register at and follow the instructions. In case of any problem, contact us at:

The TEXT, TABLES, GRAPHS and FIGURES of all manuscripts must be sent as separate, individual files and each file name must clearly indicate its content.

The text can be composed using any word processing software, although Microsoft Word is preferred; tables and graphs should be preferably in Microsoft Excel format; there is no preferred format for figures.

Manuscript Formatting: 

The following specifications must be used:
Page setup to standard A4 paper
1.5 left and right margins
1.5 line spacing
Times New Roman font, 12 point

Manuscripts should be arranged as follows:

 The title of the article should appear on a separate, first page, containing the name(s) of the author(s), institutional affiliation, e-mail address, and a full postal address of the author to whom proofs and other correspondence should be sent. The title page should also indicate the date the manuscript was submitted.

ABSTRACT PAGE: The abstract should not exceed 250 words; this page should also provide 5 (five) keywords.

MAIN TEXT: Pages should be numbered consecutively from 1 and positioned at the upper right corner of the page. The manuscript text should not exceed 10 thousand words.
Research notes should not exceed approximately 2.5 thousand words and review essays should not exceed 6 thousand words.

All headings should be aligned along the left margin and be typewritten with capital initials; they should not be underlined.

All paragraphs must start at the left margin with capital initials; they must be left-justified and must not contain any marks or tabs (justifications). The location of tables, graphs and figures should  be clearly indicated in the text and numbered sequentially altogether (e.g., Table 1, Graph 2, Figure 3, Table 4, and so on).

Titles of books and articles appearing in the body of the text should be italicized. Titles should not be abbreviated, except in the case of frequent reference.

NOTES: Notes should be placed at the end of the text and numbered consecutively. Notes are to be kept to a minimum, limited to essential matters.

REFERENCES: In the main text, tables, graphs or figures references should follow scientific international notation, e.g.: (FIGUEIREDO, 9999); or (FIGUEIREDO, 999:99).

A reference list must be included at the end of the manuscript, starting on a separate page, unnumbered, and in alphabetical order. They must include all authors referred to in the text, tables, graphs or figures, following the criteria:

Books:  FIGUEIREDO, Marcus. (9999), The life in Saturn. Rio de Janeiro: Editora Saturno.

Edited book : FIGUEIREDO, Marcus. (Ed.). (9999), The life in Saturn. Rio de Janeiro: Editora Saturno.

Book sections (chapters): SILVA, Arnaldo. (9999), Looking for stars. In: The life in Saturn, edited by Marcus Figueiredo. Rio de Janeiro: Editora Saturno.

Articles: FIGUEIREDO, Marcus. (9999), A vida em Saturno, BPSR, vol. 1, n ° 1, pp. 123-124.

Electronic Sources:
 FIGUEIREDO, Marcus. (9999), A vida em Saturno. E-Jornal, vol. 1, n ° 1, dia e mês, pp. (se for identificável), <endereço eletrônico>.

TABLES: Each table must be on a separate sheet(s) and should have a short descriptive heading; they must be typed in Times New Roman, 12 point size, 1.5 spaces, as in the article’s main body. Notes and sources must be placed bellow the tables, using Times New Roman, 10 point size. We recommend the use of Microsoft Word’ Table Function or Excel.

 Each graph must be on separate sheet(s) and should have a short descriptive heading. We recommend the use of Excel or similar and suggest that the sheets with the figures used to create the graphs be also submitted. Notes and sources must be placed bellow the graphs, using Times New Roman 10 point size.

FIGURES AND ILLUSTRATIONS: Each Figure must be on separate sheet(s). Originals should be submitted in photo-like format. Legends, titles, notes and sources must be part of the figure sheet(s).

 The corresponding author will receive proofs by email and, at this state, will be able to check the manuscript and make corrections when appropriate.

COPYRIGHT ASSIGNMENT FORM: Authors are required to assign copyright of their articles to the Brazilian Political Science Association. Copyright assignment is a condition of publication.

AVAILABLE DATABASES: Databases used in the tables of published articles are available for open access on the website of BPSR. Once approved for publication, the authors will assign these databases for access to readers of the Journal.