Bras. Political Sci. Rev.2016;10(3):e0007.

Brazilian Engagement in Africa

Chanika Mitchell

DOI: 10.1590/1981-382120160003000007

From presidential misconduct to the Rio Olympics and the Zika virus outbreak, Brazilian political and economic issues have been making headlines all over the world. As interest in Brazilian politics and economics grows, Christina Stolte’s book, ‘Brazil’s African Strategy: Role Conception and the Drive for International Status’, comes at an excellent time to explore Brazil’s growing and ever-changing international status.

Stolte (2015) focuses on three important aspects of Brazilian foreign policy and international relations. She begins her book with an overview of the change in power and strategies utilized by all states within the global system and the decrease usages of all forms of power to gain status. Stolte (2015) then highlights how and why Brazil has used Africa to increase its position in the international community. Stolte (2015) argues that Brazil’s engagement in Africa is motivated by the desire to increase its international status by using political and economic aid to Africa.


Brazilian Engagement in Africa