Bras. Political Sci. Rev.2014;8(3):136-40.

Academic Accomplishments within the Free Trade Debate

by Michelle Ratton Sanchez Badin

DOI: 10.1590/1981-38212014000100023

(von BÜLOW, Marisa. A batalha do livre comércio: a construção de redes transnacionais da sociedade civil nas Américas. São Paulo: Editora UNESP, 2014)

For the contemporary reader, especially a young Brazilian academic, it may not be clear that the debate on free trade has assumed different nuances since 1990. If at that time the issue was strictly related with a neoliberal agenda and, therefore, focused solely on market efficiency while being restricted to a few group of economists and market players, the current debate expands well beyond this sphere. Many other agents have joined this debate and by questioning the neoliberal economic principles they have complexified and relativized the theme of economic efficiency. The reading of Marisa von Bülow’s book helps to trace these changes with great clarity and methodological precision in regards to the involvement of social movements in this agenda within the Americas.


Academic Accomplishments within the Free Trade Debate